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Vendasta, recently named in the Profit 500, by Canada Business magazine as one of the countries fastest growing companies, has a team of 16 marketers generation more than 1000 leasds a month. Here's how they do it. more
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LocalMediaInsider opens a boutique content marketing agency for media technology companies. AdCellerant and Wave2 Media are first to sign up."We know what kind of content media executives needs and how to make it easy to use, so the was a logical next step was adding native content services, including case studies and press releases, for the industry," said Alisa Cromer, who is headin gup the division. more
What's the magic combination to promote a ski resort - or any trael destination? Brianhead's campaign that included radio, billboards plus programmatic and pay-per-click went off the charts. Find out which part of the campaign scored the highest and how it was constructed. more
The Geffen Playhouse pulled out all the stops to market a new show, including targeting people while they were attending events at 766 live ticketed venues in the city. Here's what happened and how the campaign was put together. more
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A store selling scooters in Denver went from "dormant" advertiser to Top Ad winner for outstanding results in a multi-media campaign sold by Bert Ross at Westword, a City Weekly. Find out how they did it, including the programmatic buy, front-loaded schedule and results from each element. more
Hubbard Broadcasting's local TV station KOBTV has been selling programmatic advertising using features of AdCellerants platform including microproximity targeting. Here's how a home remodeling company created a campaign to support dozens of locations across multiple states. more
Top Ad Winner, Daniel Anderson of Hubbard Radio in Minneapolis, helped a local hot tub dealer to target attendees of a Home Owners show using an online-only campaign with micro-proximity targeting. The company sold more hot tubs than they had at the show in previous years. Use this idea for any business who attends ─ or used to attend ─ large conferences as part of their marketing strategy. more
When Kurt Christopher won LocalMediaInsider's TOP AD we asked him a few questions about how they acquire new programmatic business. Here's what he had to say. more
Top Ad
A recipe-base campaign by Hubbard Broadcasting's KOBTV for the New Mexico Beef Council using AdCellerant programmatic platform has picked up a Top Ad Award from LocalMediaInsider for its use of Native content with huge clickthrough rates and "look back" views. The campaign was so successful that it is now being copied by beef councils in other states. Use this idea for any large food supplier. Here's a case study on how the campaign was put together and results. more
Selling to individual agents has always been problematic for Bay Area News Group. A new initiative by Director of Real Estate, Eric Bloom, however, allows the company to market to agents while letting them order both ads and programmatic delivery self serve. Here's how it works. more
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