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Selling social media at Lee Enterprises gains 250 new annual clients

Not quick and simple, but profitable and high demand...will managing social media for merchants work for your company?

Alisa Cromer
Posted 6/2/12

Local businesses know they need social media and there is intense interest in how to create an audience development and engagement plan. Enter the new "agency-style" Facebook experts and custom-app resellers at local media companies. Early to market with some serious home-runs under its belt is Lee Enterprises. An initiative led by Tim D'Avis, Director of Digital, at Quad-City times and a team of new social media sellers, has garnered 250 customers in six months company-wide, and media sales for single contests in the $5000 to $15,000 range. Here's how they put together their plan, with three fan-building successes in the auto, pizza and casino industries.

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