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Granite Transformations' email contest generates 300 consultations

Granite Transformations grows local in-home consultations through direct mail and Facebook contest.


Here's an example of a great campaign that produced measurable results for home remodeling supplier, Granite Transformations, generated 300 home remodeling consultations for its 35 markets using an email contest. Here's how the campaign was created:

Company: Granite Transformations

Market: Miramar, Florida

Platform:  Presslaff Interactive Revenue

Campaign: "Win a Cruise" with survey to capture key data and consultation requests

Challenge: Granite Transformations, a franchise with 35 locations in the U.S. and Canada, wanted to support it's local franchises, build a customer database and better understand the needs of local markets.

Strategy:  The company selected Presslaff Interactive Revenues to produce the contest. The team created a  "Win A Cruise" promotion on its Dat-E-Base platform, and included an extended survey to capture consultations and market data.

"Living the life you always dreamed of? Congratulations! Now it's time for the new kitchen of your dreams and a vacation, too!"

Questions on the survey included:

• "Have you remodeled a kitchen" or bath and how many years it had been since the last remodel, a key indicator if the contestant might be a prospect. 

 • "Are you considering remodeling any of the following" and included a checklist of all the possibilities, from kitchen, bathroom and laundry room to an RV or boat. 

•  "In general, what do you think a kitchen or bathroom costs to remodel" and gave a check list of pricing from "under $5000" to $50,000 +, as well as "not sure." 

• "Would you like to be contacted by Granite Transformations for a free in home design consultation" with fields for first and last name, phone, email and zip code. 

• "Would you like to recieve tips and trends on kitchen and bathroom design via email?" 

• "Where do you look for information on home remodeling?"

Only after the survey was complete could visitors click and enter to win the cruise. Note: Presslaff generally advises companies to offer their own services, such as $1000 in granite counters, to help build a list of people they know are interested in what they sell. 

In this case, however, the cruise worked just as well to bring a great response. 


The survey was promoted to the merchant's own extensive opt-in email list of 60,000 companywide - that is including all 35 markets, and using direct mail.

(Companies that do not have an extensive email list, or who need to reach people beyond their customer base, should consider partnering with a local media company in order to leverage the much larger list and permissions the media has created.)

Results: The response to this contest generated 1,000 entrants and more than 300 in-home consultations for home remodels. Over 600 entrants to the contest also opted-in to recieve Granite Transformations emails. 150 of those were a result of the direct mail and 400 came from from database e-mails.

Here's a glance at the kinds of reporting produced from the PressLaff platform: 

Are You Considering a Remodel

Where do you get info on home remodeling?


This campaign shows how to generate real returns for a a highly targeted market - people interested in granite counters. Keep in mind that the 300 leads stretched across 35 markets, so each store only received an average of eight in-home consultations. For companies with high price points, you don't need hundreds of leads to have an effective campaign.  A counter top for an average remodel costs $3000 to $5000, so even eight new consultations may yield $24,000 to $40,000 in new business, easily enough to make a campaign worthwhile.


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