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Selling to individual agents has always been problematic for Bay Area News Group. A new initiative by Director of Real Estate, Eric Bloom, however, allows the company to market to agents while …


Native Advertising, the new hot buzzword for local media executives hunting down new revenue models, may also provide the best mobile ad units.

That is, sponsor posts are a much needed …


Why is everyone so interested in obits? To start with, there are hundreds of millions at stake, besides a significant percentage of site traffic. And the field is evolving. Our new channel on …

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At last week's awesomely content rich, Native Advertising Summit, produced by Local Media Association, a smallish group of attendees was almost giddy with the new possibilities offered by native …

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At the 2014 Radio Ink Convergence was the debate over activation of FM chips inside phones continued. Wait... an FM chip where?

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What's radio up to in 2014?

If most of the speakers at RadioInk Convergence are right, the critical problem for the industry is that radio is stuck in cars, and the key challenge will be moving …

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There were some truly outstanding entries last month for LocalMediaInsider's monthly Top Ad Contest after Impact Engine, a leading premium ad platform, added a $1,000 award and Premium Ad Challenge …

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If this headline taps some primordial survival instinct in the hindbrain of media executives... it should.

Conference Roundup

The hallway and cocktail party circuit at the 2014 Mega-Conference was abuzz primarily with a number of interesting new facts added to the conversation about where newspapers are headed - or should …

Media Minds

Have you started selling political advertising for the 2014 mid-term elections?

The most savvy media organizations are already in the field making contacts to pre-sell political campaigns and …

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