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27 Templates most used by LocalMediaInsider members

Welcome to the Templates area. This is where where you find worksheets in excel and word that are used by local media around the country, plus, one sheets and brochures to model for your own tools. Below are the top 27 templates most used by LocalMediaInsider members.

How to measure results from native advertising

Are the blind leading the blind when it comes to local native analytics? Not completely. There are a few important results you will want to report from native ads, as well as options for gathering additional analtyics. This report learns from Deseret Digital's Todd Handy, speaking at the Native Advertising Summt and from other programs. Excel-based worksheet included.

How big is your obituary marketplace?

Why is everyone so interested in obits? To start with, there are hundreds of millions at stake, besides a significant percentage of site traffic. And the field is evolving. Our new channel on obituary revenues tracks some of the most interesting initiatives that are working now.

What A Woman Wants Expo draws 12,000 in Salt Lake City

A Women’s Expo provides a social outing for women, often attended in groups of female friends, mom’s with daughters and sisters, in huge numbers. This event works in large and small markets. Use this case study from Deseret News/Salt Lake Tribune JOA to create a working strategy in your own market.

Advertiser Guidelines for Native from the Washington Post

Native advertising programs often involve educating advertisers about how these programs work. The Washington Post has included their guidelines on their Brand Connections page. Here's an example.
Case study

The Washington Post's native advertising program, BrandConnect, has sold more than $1 million in revenues according to LMI estimates. This case study looks at key components of the program including ad units, branding for the program and marquis local … more

Case study

The Amazing Adventures expo at the Denver Post yielded 100 booth sales with starting prices at $1,800 for a booth - and … more


Native Advertising, the new hot buzzword for local media executives hunting down new revenue models, may also provide the best mobile ad units.

That is, sponsor posts are a much needed alternative to mobile display ads, and better-suited to a small … more


This report includes basic pricing concepts for native ads, plus examples of pricing from around the country including packages from the Quad City Times, Deseret Digital Media and SpeakEasy. more

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Morris Publishing Group's digital services agency, Main Street Digital, launched in 2012. The new company is now generating several million in less than 2 years. Here are lessons from the the first two years of starting and growing a digital agency with an … more

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Premium ads provide an important digital solution: How to make display ads larger and more interactive than banner ads … more

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