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The ultimate telemarketing sales-to-monthly goal system

Steal this management tool and copy the best of the best

Become a superhero by managing to the numbers.

Attached is a daily sales-to-monthly goal spreadsheet, modeled on the one created by Todd Handy, VP of sales, New Media for Deseret Digital Media's telesales department, which grew from 0 to $250,000 a month in sales in about a year and a half. Handy says the one thing he relies on is a sales-to-month spreadsheet, which is used for compensation plans, motivating reps and readjusting quotas. We've rebuilt a version of the one he uses for LM members, attached below.

Note: If you can't open the spreadsheet, which is in xlsx document, please send a email to localmediainsider.com, and we will send it to you by e-mail.

Notes on using the spreadsheet:

a) Each sheet is one week, plus a summary, rolling up to one month.

b)Selling days are counted on the spread sheet, not calendar days, and the fifth week will vary in terms of number of selling days, so the fifth sheet will need to be adjusted.

c) Most of the formulas are built in. Right click to check if you are not sure.
Each of the first five sheets shows sales to goal daily and versus monthy quota, for just each week.

The selling days refers to real selling days, not the date. So in February, a four week month, there will be 20 selling days.

The six sheet is a critical "flash" document; it rolls up a summary that allows you to calculate, how far off goal both the department and each sales rep is, from the month goal on a daily basis. Plus, it automatically recalculates the new dailiy quota needed to keep the team - and each individual rep - on track.

Finally, there is a Champion and Challengers, which at Deseret is two teams, reporting to each of two supervisors. In their case, teams can be up to 12 people (the number that Handy thinks one supervisor can manage). Every time a new person is hired they are placed on the teams on a alternating basis.


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