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Special Report

How to Maximize 2014 political revenues

Get your share of the pie with these tactics from political consultants


Get a head start on the 2014 political advertising season. With $6 billion in local campaign spending on the table, the mid-terms  will be the most expensive in history.   This special green paper (download the attachment to the left) gives you the tools to get your share.


• Resources to easily find all races and advertising contacts

• Competitive opportunities for print, radio and television to use in media kits, strategy and team training

• New digital opportunities that campaigns want to see this year

• Packaging strategies that  visualize and simplify

• Technology resources and partners to expand your services, inventory, and content in the political category

Key to success is getting started now, so don't miss this report. See also the Planning Worksheet to create a plan step by step,  and the Richmond Times-Dispatch's fantastic  2014 political media kit for packaging ideas.

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